He Makes All Things New: Reflections on Change

I guess I generally liked change. When I was young, full of vitality and bursting with big dreams, I sought change, pursued it, and embraced it. How easily would a strong young woman leave the old and start anew! It seemed there were endless possibilities and hopes never ran out, bringing with them the much-needed change.

But nothing, I mean nothing, could have prepared me for the big change that came to my life, permanently altering it forever. This change impacted my life so much it shifted its course altogether, touching eternity.

But even before full realization of what this change eventually effected in my life came, I struggled against it. This was the kind of change I never ever dreamed of. I loved where I was at in my career and lifestyle. I revelled in it, but not including the complications of a forbidden relationship and the inner turmoil it wrought.

Change comes in many different forms and ways. It could come as a welcome respite after a stormy season, or it could hit you like a tornado and before you know it, you are down on the ground panting, helpless, fighting for dear life. Fighting for the things that used to surround you – comfort, peace, health, strength, happiness, wisdom, breath.

Such was the kind of change that came to my life in the latter part of 2003. Who would have thought that that quiet Saturday afternoon when I went to the office to meet with my staff after my business trip in Japan would be my last day of work in the office? I never ever thought that my career would end abruptly, in just a flick of God’s finger. I believed in, hoped for, and anticipated the day that I would be going back to work. But days, weeks, months, years passed and I never did (except for the few hours in late-2006 when I tried to make brief visits, hoping against hope that everything would soon return to the way it was).

That change brought me and my family to God’s salvation. That dreaded change eventually and exquisitely worked its way in my life to bring the change God has planned before the foundation of the world. And change that good is often birthed that way – hard, harrowing, like the birth pangs of a woman in travail. So that I was rebirthed, born again, not of the flesh but of the Spirit (John 3).

To bring change (salvation) to the world, God, whose throne is heaven and the earth His footstool (Is. 66:1), had to contain Himself in a young woman’s womb. And when He was born, He was laid down on a spread of prickly hay in a manger. But this was nothing compared to His agonizing walk to Calvary, bearing our sin and shame on His shoulders. His blood was poured out. He did this to redeem the world and make all things new.

 “Behold, I make all things new.” (Rev. 21:5)

Thank You, Lord Jesus!

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  1. beautiful Rina…great testimony

  2. Lory says:

    I LOVE IT po!!! so cute….
    so relaxing.., The background music is soothing my soul..^^,

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