Pursuing That Which Matters Eternally

Days before Christmas, I was already feeling the strain of the holidays. And on New Year’s Eve, I felt I didn’t have the energy to join in the fun in welcoming the New Year with all its deafening noise. It would have been good to light up a lusis (a handheld firework on stick) with the kids in our balcony and watch the colorful fireworks as they light up the sky, but truth is, it wasn’t what my heart really desired.

I wanted to withdraw from the noise and festivities and just be quiet with myself. That didn’t mean that I was sad or didn’t want to celebrate, it’s just that, for me now, all the days of the year that the Lord brings are special and worth celebrating, whether in a grand or simple way. It didn’t mean that I didn’t want to welcome the new year with all its bright hopes, but that for me, new hope and new mercies come in every morning of everyday, only in the Lord.

I believe this is what I gained in living hopeful, faithful, and expectant in everyday. Whether it is Christmas or New Year or regular day, it is an opportunity to burrow deeper in our relationship with our Savior. So, hours before the new year arrived and the noise of celebrations erupted all around, our family quietly gathered around our table and talked about our Lord. We each remembered His goodness in the passing year. Each shared specifically the things each was grateful for. Then, we each talked about the things that each needed to change, and shared our fervent prayers for the coming year.

On New Year’s Day, our family quietly retreated atop the hills, cloistered closer to nature’s bosom. My soul was longing to withdraw from all the busyness and loudness of the holidays and just wanted to commune with self, with family, and with my Creator. My heart was made heavy just by looking at people who welcomed the New Year with the usual revelry – boozing up and merrily firing their guns, stray bullets killing the innocent spectator.

People of the world put their hope only in the coming year for better and more prosperous lives. But truth is, the Lord gives us every single day as great opportunity to have a better life in Him: to be redeemed, transformed, and given a new life. This can never be achieved by wearing dotted clothes or following perfectly all the right feng shui. For it is really Christ in us, our hope of glory (Col. 1:27).

One of the things I shared during our family’s gathering before New Year was: I want my walk with the Lord to be genuine and free from any hypocrisy. In my writings, I want to be as true and as honest, and as sincere in my motives and purposes, otherwise, my writing is in vain.

Sometimes in our walk, we are sidetracked (and even fooled!) by our own personal agenda and motives so that what we ought to be doing for the Lord is not what is earnestly and honestly done. Consciously or unconsciously, we pursue our own pleasures and seek our own glory. But we know, as matured Christians, that that is chasing after the wind. Whatever we do that’s outside the will of God is vanity. Why, then, must we sometimes think that we are missing out on life when we look at how other people live and celebrate life?

For we know that whatever we do in, with, by, and for the Lord impacts eternity and that is all that really matters.


Congratulations to SIS. VANESSA SANTILLAN for winning the DaySpring “Blessed & Loved” journal. Winner was drawn via random.org after a silent prayer. I sincerely thank all who participated in the giveaway. Your comments are precious to me!

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Journey with Jesus,


  1. Vanessa Santillan says:

    The Highest Praise, Glory and Worship Is To Our Dearest Lord Jesus Christ!

    Dear Ate Rina,


    First and foremost, I would like to thank Dearest Jesus for using you and your blog as instruments for me to received a wonderful and precious blessing (DaySpring “Blessed and Loved” Journal) this very start of 2013. Thank you so much ate Rina. I was so speechless and so happy the moment I opened my facebook account and saw the message of one of my fb friend congratulating me! I’m so blessed! What an overflowing joy for an unexpected present from Him. He really completes us. Reading your blogs truly brings your readers closer to God. The word of God you wrote on your blogs serves as reminders to those who are blinded and give comforts to those who are in grief. It is full of inspirational messages and encouragements. Honestly, I’ve learned so many lessons and values from it. Once again, from the bottom of my heart, I wanna say “thank you” !

    May our Dearest Lord Jesus continually bless you with your journey in inspiring and touching other people’s lives through His words…

    God bless you and your family…

    Best Regards,

    Sis. Vanessa

    • RinaPeru says:

      Sis. Vanessa, your joy (like that of a child) to receive this simple gift and heartfelt gratitude warmed my heart! Thank you for your love and prayers. God bless you!

  2. Gina says:

    Dear Sis Rina,
    I smiled and felt inspired when I read your post. Last New Year’s Eve my son and daughter claimed and asked me why I did not joined them in lighting up their “lusis” and even told me that I was not celebrating new Year :-)…… I too chose to celebrate New Year in a quiet moment with my prayers for the coming year, with my gratitude for the blessings that He gave me, gave us…….I told my 2 kids that it doesn’t mean that I am lonely , it’s just that, I believed that everyday for me is a New Year, New Day to celebrate for, to be thankful for….For me, it is also the time to recall all the good things happened and to have in mind those shortcomings that could be changed for better……..

    • RinaPeru says:

      That is just so great to hear, my dear friend! By the way, you’ve been missed around here. I pray that God will continue to touch your heart about the things that really matter to Him. Blessings to you, too!

      • Gina says:

        Thanks Sis Rina, it’s a pleasure to hear from you again. Though I missed to read some of your topics you shared for the past few months, I am still here and continuing to be inspired by your blog…..Now, I am trying to read your past posts and take a look at your uploaded pictures….great!
        Have a great day ahead…..
        GOD BLESS

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