The Wrestlings Along the Narrow Path {my very first ebook and it’s FREE!}

If my blog were a classroom and I were the teacher (since I am the one who writes :D),  I am also the no. 1 student. No. 1 in that, I am the one who needs most to learn the lessons I write about and who needs most to be constantly reminded. Truth be told, my blog is my classroom more than a place to encourage and inspire others to walk closer with our Savior Jesus Christ. It is like a public journal chronicling my journey of faith, the ups and downs, the victories and failures, and the many valuable lessons learned along the way. They are all written here to record and preserve them and remind myself of the lessons as much as share them to the world.

The past months, there had been a voice whispering, “Why don’t you write an ebook?” My answer was always this, “What will I write about that I cannot cram into a blog post, or a series of posts? They had written every possible topic I can think of there’s just nothing left to write about.” When the thought persisted, I said, “Okay, I’ll just convert my book Walking Along the Narrow Path into an ebook and share it free on my blog.”

But that wasn’t to be the case. One morning, the Holy Spirit was guiding me what to write, and every morning after that during my morning devotions, He would be filling me with words and verses. I would write feverishly in my journal and the words became sentences and paragraphs and these in turn developed into chapters. And The Wrestings Along the Narrow Path was birthed – all praises to my Savior!

An excerpt from the Introduction page:

“But I believe that these wrestlings are what will bring us to the end of our journey. It is through them that we learn to take a tighter grip on our Savior. For as we wrestle our way to a more intimate relationship with Him, there is a need to put away every obstacle. As long as we have the will and steadfast faith, we will stay the course and continue to advance. For, consider the people of the world who may not have the same struggles as we have. That is because they are not in the pursuit of holiness.

That is exactly the reason why we do wrestle in our walk of faith: because we follow the way of holiness, and whatever hinders or diverts us, we have been given wisdom to discern and the spiritual strength to free ourselves no matter the cost.

In my own walk of faith, I found out that my archenemy in my pursuit of holiness is myself. (I can perceive heads nodding). I believe this is true to many. This has become a familiar battle cry, “Oh God, save me from myself!”

In this little book, I share with you my own struggles, raw and sometimes shameful. But my Redeemer covers me. I take up topics that most people, even Christians, would rather keep hidden somewhere deep in the crevices of their hearts and minds. Some would also prefer to work them out privately with their Savor, and that is what we must be doing. But here, I open up my heart and bare my soul with the purpose of encouraging you and letting you know that you’re not alone in your own struggles, and that, from the One who called us and saved us.”

He who overcomes shall inherit all things, and I will be his God and he shall be My son. (Rev. 21:7)


It is with a mixture of excitement and trepidation that I present my ebook to you. I am giving it free to all my blog subscribers. Just sign up to receive notifications of new posts via email  (you can find the sign up form at the side bar below my ebook image or at the footer section) and I will send you a FREE PDF copy of my ebook. To those who are already subscribed to Our Healing Moments and you would like to receive your free copy, please leave me a teeny tiny message in the comments section below or in my Contact page to alert me :).

I invite you all to sign up and receive this ebook and let’s start tackling envy, jealousy, competition, comparison, discouragements, and such things. I have set up a Discussion Page wherein we can share our reactions, comments, encouragements, and even your experiences in your own wrestlings as we continue down the narrow path. Thank you and it’s my prayer that we will both benefit from this little ebook that I was blessed to write. Thank you for your presence here.

My gratitude list ~ the things I’m thankful to the Lord for; continuing to count His blessings:

61. The song sung during altar call on Sunday service; it reminded me of our hard but blessed days in Pampanga Fasting House. It was such a glorious song and the Lord has touched a chord in me once again.

62. The hunger in my soul visiting again; this craving for more of God. It is always good.

63. The need to step back and revel in the silence. (More on this on next post).

64. Quietly walking through the Book of Matthew and eager to turn each page expecting the Lord to reveal Himself anew!

65. The inspiration to tend the soul and home.

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Journey with Jesus,


  1. Luchie Villacarlos says:

    Praise the Mighty Name of our Dearest LORD JESUS CHRIST. Thank you for sharing your eBook, I know it will strengthen our faith, it will encourage us and it will make us more closer to GOD. Please send me the PDF copy of your eBook. Thank you so much for your effort and willingness to share your experiences with us. GOD bless us all and happy reading.

    • RinaPeru says:

      It’s so heartwarming to have you here again, bel. Sis. Luchie! I’m so glad about your interest on my new ebook – glory to God! I will send to you by email shortly :). God bless you!

  2. Mykee Chua says:

    Praise the Mighty Name of our loving God and savior JESUS CHRIST!,
    I’m so blessed sa mga testimonies na nabasa ko dito ate, and How God move in each lives, Glory to God,! keep up the Good works and continue inspiring us po!
    God Bless you and more power!

    • RinaPeru says:

      Thank you Sis. Mykee for the encouragement. It helps a lot you know – glory to God! God bless you and your family, too!

  3. Lourdes Pedroso says:

    Hi Rina i would love to have a copy also of you ebook.Thanks so much and i enjoyed reading your journal,and it helps me a lot.

  4. Vanessa Santillan says:

    Praise the Lord! Ate Rina, I also love to have a copy of your ebook, please send me one. Thank you for sharing your life in your blog, it truly inspires us and strenghtens our faith in God everytime. God bless you and more power!

  5. Anganie says:

    Hi Rina, grace and peace be multiplied to you, how awesome this is, I had recently read a post about your first book and how I wished I could have had a copy of that book and here is a follow up to it, how Great is our God for granting this desire of my heart, I would love to have a copy of your ebook, thanks in advance. God richly bless you for your obedience.

    • RinaPeru says:

      Dear Anganie, I will send your ebook shortly. I pray that the gracious Lord will use my humble book to bless you in ways He alone can do. May His light and mercy be continually upon you! Thank you for your fervent love and prayers!

  6. Kelly says:

    craving for more of God. yes. always so good. love your list and your bravery in sharing a book! blessings from Uganda

  7. Anganie says:

    Hi again Rina, just got your ebook, thank you, thank you, you are the best, and I know I will enjoy reading since I enjoy your post so much.

    • RinaPeru says:

      Oh, Anganie, you are always generous with your warmth! Our Savior Jesus Christ is the best, ever! Grateful to Him that He works so hard in, on, and through me that at least, people can see glimpses of Him in my life :).

  8. Hazel Moon says:

    Thank you for sharing your e-book and all that God has shown you with our members at “Tell Me a Story.”

  9. Tammy Turnbow says:

    I would love your ebook.

  10. Sis Fe says:

    Dear Beloved Sis Rina,
    I am excited to read your eBook, please count me in.
    God Bless you always!
    Sis Fe

  11. jdukeslee says:

    This is so exciting. It is no small undertaking to pull together all those words in one place. I’m thrilled for your and your readers, RinaPeru!

    • RinaPeru says:

      It’s no small undertaking indeed, Jennifer. Sometimes, I’m visited by feelings of inferiority, but the Lord has taught me to write honestly, from the heart. I believe now, there’s no other, more excellent way. By the way, you may call me Rina :).

  12. Donna Godfrey says:

    I just found you at a time in my life that I really need to read this and journal again. I would love the e-book!
    Thank you.

    • RinaPeru says:

      I thank the Lord, whose eyes are ever upon us and our deepest need, for bringing you here, Donna. Your ebook will be sent shortly.

  13. Jean says:

    Praise God!..sis rina hingi din po aq ng copy ng ebook..may God bless you more po s pgsu2lat..we learn a lot sa experiences ng’s a blessing to share your life in this blog..God bless you po at s fmily nio…

    • RinaPeru says:

      Thank you for the encouraging words, sis. It’s a great honor to be gifted by the Lord and be used in His work. Praise Him!

      • jean says:

        I received the copy of your ebook sis.rina..thank you so much…hoping I can also share this with my family and friends….God bless po…

      • RinaPeru says:

        You’re welcome, Sis. Jean. I pray that it will be a blessing to you and to your family. God bless you, too.

  14. Oh, I’m SOO looking forward to reading this!!

  15. Reese Mangaran says:

    A blessed morning! I’m one of your avid readers and is looking forward to reading your very own book. Thank you very much and blessings to your family and your blog as well!

    • RinaPeru says:

      Thanking God for leading you to my blog and touching your heart, Reese. And thank you for this message that encouaraged me :). This ebook is sort of a follow-up to my first book “Walking along the Narrow Path” which was printed and published in 2009. I will gladly send you your PDF copy. Blessings to you, too!

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