“The Wrestlings” Discussion {Chapter Four}

Chapter four of my ebook The Wrestlings Along the Narrow Path talks about jealousy. It just occurred to me now that it is indeed beneficial to look back at what I had written and walk through it once again, for things change everyday even as we gain deeper spiritual maturity.

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So, in summary (for the benefit of those who have not read the ebook), I discussed there the kind of jealousy Cain had felt for his brother Abel. I also shared my painful experience of wrestling with jealousy and how the Lord had graciously walked me through and out of it until I emerged triumphant. Freed.

Looking back, what the Holy Spirit had guided me to do had really worked for my own good. I need to emphasize this (also as a strong reminder to self): there is a need to acknowledge the powerful work of the Holy Spirit in us. He is our Helper. Oftentimes, we forget to wield His power in our lives, in our difficult circumstances, that we let negative feelings engulf us and take over us. But He is with us and for us.

The first step is to come before the Lord pouring out our hearts. In all humility, spill out every detail of what you’re going through leaving nothing behind. To come before Him with our excuses and defenses will not help us. In my case I told Him everything that I was wrestling with in my heart – the negative ones, the ugly ones. Do not be ashamed to acknowledge that you have them. We tell Him as it is because we need His help and He alone can deliver us from the bondage of negative feelings like one as painful as jealousy.

Complete humility and acknowledgment of our need of divine help will start the wheels of deliverance and blessing moving. Believe that our earnest prayers work and He hears them. And will act on them.

Second, we must be willing to honor His commandments and obey them however hard they might seem at that moment. His commandments tell us to forgive, really forgive from the heart. He commands us not to harbor hatred in our hearts for that would be murder (1 John 3:15). He commands us to pray for those who have hurt us however deeply, and to bless them, to extend mercy. And the hardest part is, it must be genuine. When we pray for those who have hurt us and whom we are jealous of (an excruciating combination like what I wrote about in the ebook), we need to mean it.

That’s where the wrestling comes in. And that’s why we need God. We yield ourselves to His commandments, He will move in our hearts. Obeying is our job. Changing our hearts is His job.

And then there is this: if we know that the Lord Jesus Christ died for us (for me, for you), that He gave His life for us so we could be together with Him in eternity, if we really hold that thought – how could we let jealousy consume us? There is really no place for it. It visits us because we forget who we really are in Him. He is ours, and we are His, for all eternity.

am my beloved’s,
And my beloved is mine… (Songs 6:3)

Do not think about Cain and Abel or Jacob and Esau, of how God had loved Jacob and Esau He hated (Rom. 9:13). The Lord Jesus Christ, He made all things new! He has made us His beloved, the Bride that He died and is returning for.

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  1. His way sometimes seems hard, but it’s the easiest in the long run. Obeying yields blessings to come. If we can only give up our pride right? 😉

  2. Pamela says:

    Excellent writing on this subject. Humility is key, isn’t it? I’ve been dealing with a friend who struggles in this area. I’ll share your thoughts with her.

    • RinaPeru says:

      Thank you, Pamela – to God be the glory! I pray all goes well with your friend. “Speak the truth in love…”

  3. Nancy Sturm says:

    Thankfully, we do have a Redeemer! Thanks for the post!