All I Want for Christmas is Jesus

All I want for Christmas is Jesus. No additions, no extensions, no trappings. Just Him. In Him I am complete. In Him I find everything – love, joy, peace, hope, healing, eternal life. All that I have, all that I cherish and make my heart glad came from His hand. Every good and perfect gift… Maybe that’s why as of this writing (Saturday, Dec. 21), I only managed to put two gifts under the Christmas tree. Before today, that place under the Christmas tree was empty. But I did manage to wrap gifts for people outside the family. I also have not made a menu plan for Christmas dinner. There is not a single truffle or a single sugar cookie that has been baked. I’ve been doing my best to eschew the Christmas rush and not be dragged by it.

I was able to prepare and wrap gifts for our sponsored children and two of the sisters that assist me in this endeavor, and also for the people who give service to us. I want to see Jesus there.

Temporarily, we closed our Old Testament (leaving Joseph in the dungeon; I guess he’ll be spending time there for a while) and opened John 1, then proceeded to Luke 1 for our nightly family devotion. I am seeking the Lord through those passages. I want Him. I’m hungry for Him. That’s what I told my audience: the sleepy husband who could hardly keep his eyes open and two young people who were so distracted I doubt if they followed what I was saying. I felt so sad seeing them like that. For they could be so perky in front of their gadgets… I told them this:

We are standing on different grounds. My life as sick and suffering is so different from yours but not at all different from those who are grieving for a lost loved one or a home. We both know sorrow. I know that there are families now who don’t even have a home to decorate (for they lost them in the typhoon). Not enough money to buy gifts. I may be living in this beautiful home but I am no different from them: wanting a different Christmas. I want a Christmas that is so full of Jesus. I don’t want to be filled more of this world. All these stuff that I see  are actually wearing me out. I just want to be filled by the Lord to overflowing.

I wanted to share this because we can’t afford to be lukewarm. We must remain fervent as we await our Savior’s coming.

The tears began to leak out. I wiped them. Now my audience were wide awake. And the father closed in humble prayer, confessing shortcomings.

On our Church’s Friday overnight prayer meeting which was also our Thanksgiving Service, the Holy Spirit touched my heart as one group from the outreach sang: God is fighting for us; Pushing back the darkness…. I raised my hands and worshiped. I remembered my daily suffering, how it could get dark at times and make me afraid. I prayed. May all my days and nights be bright! Even through suffering… 

I want a Christmas that doesn’t last on New Year’s Eve but one that lives on and on.

May your Christmas be full of Jesus!

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Journey with Jesus,


  1. Hi! I’m visiting from The Weekend Brew! I wrote today about stepping out of the usual comforts of Christmas and find my self, not coincidentally, here reading about your desire for more of Christ. So many are struggling and you point out, very clearly, how although our paths are different we all need the same thing – more of Him. Thank you for this and Merry Christmas!

  2. Sylvia R says:

    I am with you! And this year happened to be the most trappings-free Christmas ever around here—because the nest is empty and I have been sick all month. Yesterday I finally exhausted myself making some simple Christmas cookies, and on our back door hangs the plain evergreen wreath my dear sister-in-law sent, and on the dining table a special tablecloth and advent candles, and that’s it! But I have been having a very rich “Christmas retreat” in all this. And am very thankful. God richly bless your Christmas, with the best blessings!

    • RinaPeru says:

      Oh, I so understand you, Sylvia. The kids and I also managed to make truffles last night after Church. At least we finished one project :D. Have a blessed Christmas!

  3. Rina, I agree with you…just give me Jesus! I’m visiting from Sunday Stillness and enjoyed your post!

  4. Linda Stoll says:

    ‘I am seeking the Lord through those passages. I want Him. I’m hungry for Him. ‘

    You’ve spoken truth in these 3 sentences, Rina. For that has been the invitation of this advent season this year. I’ve discovered my new best friend is Isaiah, for in his words I saw the longing, the hope, the assurance of the Coming King.

    What a lovely Christmas gift to meet you this morning. May this week be a true delight to your soul!

    • RinaPeru says:

      Thank you, Linda. I trust you had a most blessed Christmas, too. And I’m wishing you a bright New year lighted by the Savior!

  5. Hazel Moon says:

    Yes, we must not let christ stay in the manger, but take him into our hearts and walk with Him all during the days and weeks of 2014. Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts with us here at “Tell Me a Story.”


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