Chronicling Grace

When I began my company, Actichem Marketing Corporation, back in the late ’90s, I also started to keep a gratitude journal. I was able to find a pretty journal which only added spark to the inspiration and my eagerness. Every night after work, whether it had been a rewarding or frustrating day, I wrote the things I was grateful for that day on my journal. Although I wasn’t yet a born-again Christian, this was my own way to honor God and what He was doing in my life. The gratitude journal-keeping tempered the “high” the beginnings of success brought and also provided comfort in days when there was so much anxiety over a new project development with a key client.

It’s easy to keep a gratitude journal when blessings come like a torrent. But when they are hardly seen and felt, especially during difficult trials, you must strain your spirit eyes and heart to recognize the little gifts tucked within the layers of each day. Whether blessings come in a torrent or a trickle, maintaining a grateful attitude helps a lot in improving one’s circumstances.

The strong may stand in the pulpit and declare the wondrous works God wrought in their lives. Those who are more contemplative walk while meditating on the goodness of the Lord in every step. Their attention may be arrested by the glory of a setting sun and stand in awe as they gaze at the stunning display, like a huge flaming disc coming out of a furnace. (Oh, I still remember the magnificence of such a sunset!) This may cause them to raise their hands and praise the Creator King. Or they may stop at a wildflower, marvelling at its simple beauty and remembering Jesus’ teaching about the lilies in the field.

My world is confined within these pale peach walls and just beyond these French doors to the patio and a portion of the garden. My days are laced with unwellness, discomforts, and sometimes, scary suffering. I have to really focus my spirit eyes to see and grasp that gift, that grace, that might be hidden in every difficult day.

I use Instagram to “etch” those little graces in pictures. I feel that if I took a photo of something that blesses me or I’m grateful for and share it on my IG, I have “captured” that gift, chronicled it as real, and have expressed my gratitude to God for it.

There are many different ways we can chronicle the graces of God in our daily lives. Whether on the pages of a journal, in our powerful testimony, in photos, or in special places in our hearts – what matters is, our beings are conscious to God’s gifts and we receive them with gratitude.

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Journey with Jesus,

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