Gratitude and Wonder

gratitude and wonder

I have had more excruciating suffering bouts the past week but I won’t distress you with them. What good would that do? You know what I’m going through and how I cling to my Savior and Healer. I am thankful that joy adamantly adheres to me in spite of the suffering, a staunch ally against […]

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A Life of Gratefulness


The day I felt so ill that I forced myself to vomit to be able to breathe and relieve me of dizziness, gratefulness triumphed once again. The episode was scary just like the others, but this one made me panic more. And even though by dinnertime, the worst had passed, still, I was so weak […]

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Alive in the Life of Christ

The Vine

Suddenly, I find myself in the hustle and bustle of business. Business?! That doesn’t apply to me, has not been the past 14 years, unless I count administrating our company’s website being part of the business. But yes, suddenly, I am busy everyday – thinking, planning, devising, scheduling, and supervising. Even though what I am […]

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Of God’s Love and Warmth and Fuzzy Blankets


Over the many years of being sick with constant suffering, I found out that one of the hardest things to do is to rest and sleep without being hounded by fears, to trust that when I lay down my weak and ailing body on the bed, nothing bad will happen or that the discomforts will […]

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All That We Ever Need

This was a painting from last year, illustration of the first part of Psalm 23.

I feel that there is a need to focus fully on the Lord Jesus and exult Him in every circumstance, especially now that there is a potential for me to hurt all over, emotionally and bodily. I guess grief is capable of doing that. But I can’t afford to allow it. I’m already ailing and […]

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God’s Comfort and Strength


A poem for the sorrowing soul.   God’s Comfort and Strength Joy is great But sorrow pushes deeper Into God’s bosom A gateway to grace.   Sorrow is a shadow That walks with one And urges on toward The Lord’s waiting arms.   Sorrow works repentance Humbling down and tears And plunging oneself At Jesus’ […]

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