All That We Ever Need

This was a painting from last year, illustration of the first part of Psalm 23.

I feel that there is a need to focus fully on the Lord Jesus and exult Him in every circumstance, especially now that there is a potential for me to hurt all over, emotionally and bodily. I guess grief is capable of doing that. But I can’t afford to allow it. I’m already ailing and […]

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God’s Comfort and Strength


A poem for the sorrowing soul.   God’s Comfort and Strength Joy is great But sorrow pushes deeper Into God’s bosom A gateway to grace.   Sorrow is a shadow That walks with one And urges on toward The Lord’s waiting arms.   Sorrow works repentance Humbling down and tears And plunging oneself At Jesus’ […]

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Of Tables, Teacups, and the Workings of God

This was really a super quick dabble as I am not feeling well and need to get some really good sleep.

There is something so wonderful, almost magical for me (whose standard for happy is as simple as feeling good physically and not having a hard time) when I go to our dining room now to eat with family. It’s been over a decade since we used our dining room for everyday and now that I […]

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The Gift of Joy and Happiness

These flowers are quite unfinished but that's as far as I could go for I am suffering from a very painful back :( . But I'm happy I was able to at least bring out what I wanted: gold pistils. In the reference photo, they should have been green, but a voice was whispering adamantly, "Paint them gold!" And so I did.

I have been flooded with joy and happiness lately, the kind which stays with you and makes you alive and eager with expectation even though you’re still ailing and weak. I stopped and considered, then I understood: this joy and happiness is the fruit of my healing from my horrible bundle that had gripped me […]

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The Life-giving Love of God

life-giving love of God

We are looking for a second house help and our housekeeper is helping in the effort. She found one through a neighbor’s maid. I interviewed the woman, fortyish, a wife and a mother of 5, but she looked too worldly for me: fully made up face with cherry red lipstick and a pair of bright […]

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A Mary Heart

I apologize that I haven't been giving my best in painting the blog themes lately. Sometimes I'm in a hurry and this is the result :( . But I posted a few of my finished painting projects below. I hope you like them.

I’m talking about Mary of Bethany, of course, the sister of the ever-efficient homemaker Martha, friends of the Lord Jesus. Mary, the sitter at Jesus’ feet and the enrapt listener. Lately, my soul has been crying out to go sit where Mary sat, that place where you’re so close to the Savior you could touch His […]

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