Love Walks Here

Just as I am overwhelmed by the enormity of the devastation Haiyan brought to our country and our people especially in the Visayas Region, I am also overwhelmed by the outpouring of international (and local) aid. We can see and feel how foreign nations scramble to bring relief to the worst-hit areas, deploying their military personnel, doctors, equipment, and best air and water transports like modern helicopters and warships. One can’t help but be touched and inspired by the tremendous display of love and care. Evil had wreaked havoc, but now love walks here.

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I am deeply touched seeing men and women from all over the world practicing genuine solidarity: swarming the ravaged places and doing what they can to save lives and help appease hardships caused by hunger, dehydration, wounds, and other problems the survivors encounter in the aftermath of the super typhoon. As I see these people working tirelessly not wanting to waste any time, I imagine the hands and feet of the Lord Jesus Christ in action: giving, reaching out, caring, comforting, healing, saving, restoring. Yes, love walks here.

(Photo by Ces Drilon of ABS-CBN)

During WW II, our neighbor Japan stormed our shores and conquered our skies, land, and people, but the Americans came to our aid and we regained our liberty. It’s been over half a century ago, when Gen. Douglas MacArthur, after promising the Filipino people, “I shall return”, did indeed return and landed at the beach in Palo, Leyte, near Tacloban. Now, Japan is a neighbor country which would stop at nothing to help us in our time of need. And America, after that famous landing almost 70 years ago, would again be storming our shores and flying our skies to come to our aid. Love walks here and it brings tears to my eyes.

One of our house helps who is from the Visayas lost six of her loved ones in Tacloban. Their mother wasn’t able to bear all this tragedy and suffered a stroke. She needed immediate surgery. Our house help was distraught. I requested for prayer warriors from our Church to visit the mother in the hospital, pray over her and lay their hands on her for healing. Our maid informed me that her mother no longer needed surgery after the pray over. She breathed a sigh of relief and thanksgiving to God. Love walks here.

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